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Is Your Project Required to Have Detention?

Stormwater detention ponds play a crucial role in mitigating the hydraulic impacts of land development. As impervious surfaces increase with development, so does stormwater runoff, which can overwhelm existing drainage infrastructure and cause downstream flooding. Detention ponds help to capture and slowly release this runoff, reducing peak flows and preventing adverse impacts on downstream facilities. While some projects may be able to avoid detention through a downstream assessment, many are required by municipalities to include detention facilities as part of their stormwater management strategy. By incorporating detention ponds into their design, developers can help to protect downstream communities and infrastructure, ensure regulatory compliance, and create more resilient and sustainable developments. 

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We Prioritize Purpose and Efficiency

At Cardinal Strategies, our stormwater engineers understand the delicate balance of properly sizing detention ponds. While these facilities must be able to capture and slowly release runoff to prevent downstream flooding, they should also be designed to minimize footprint and construction costs. Our team takes a holistic approach to detention pond design, considering not only hydraulic requirements but also the need to maximize surrounding land use. By optimizing pond size and design with constructability in mind, we help developers create cost-effective, functional stormwater management solutions that balance regulatory compliance with project goals. Trust Cardinal Strategies to deliver detention pond designs that work for both the environment and your bottom line.

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