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Engineering Services


We Make Stormwater Work for You and the Environment

When it comes to flood risk and stormwater management, expertise matters. At Cardinal Strategies, our team of civil engineers specializes in hydrology and hydraulic engineering services, providing accurate flood risk evaluations and tailored solutions to mitigate flooding and erosion. By staying at the forefront of technology and best practices, we help developers and communities alike navigate the complexities of stormwater management. From floodplain analysis to detention pond design, our team delivers solutions that balance development goals with environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance. Choose Cardinal Strategies for flood risk assessments and stormwater mitigation services that put your needs first.

Who We Serve:

  • Floodplain permitting for private land development
  • Watershed analysis and floodplain management for municipalities

Engineering Services

A river floods onto a road making it hazardous and impassable.

Flood Study and Downstream Assessments

FEMA LOMR Map with logo

FEMA Letters of Map Change (LOMC)

Aerial View Retention Basins, Wet Ponds, Wet Detention Basin Or Stormwater Management Ponds, An Artificial Pond With Vegetation Around The Perimeter, And Includes A Permanent Pool Of Water In Its Design.

Detention Analysis and Outfall Sizing

Downstream portion of HUC 8 Watershed with Urban Area (Terrain) map

2D Complex Hydraulic Analysis

A flooding neighborhood because of a dam breach

Dam Breach Analysis

A small Yorkshire village in the UK flooded. The image shows how the flood water engulfed the community.

Floodplain Watershed Analysis

Steam Channel Restoration in Texas

Urban Stream Stability Analysis and Restorative Design

“I trust Cardinal Strategies to take care of all of my flood studies, LOMRs, and FEMA-related issues at Shaddock Development Company. They are very competent and have quick turnarounds on flood-related issues that can significantly delay your project. In addition, their relationships with FEMA and municipalities are crucial to getting approvals in a timely manner.”

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