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Dam Breach Analysis


Does Your Dam Have a Hazard Classification of “Significant” or Higher?

If your dam has a hazard classification of “Significant” or higher, you’re required by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to conduct a dam breach analysis. This critical study assesses the potential impacts of a catastrophic dam failure on downstream communities and infrastructure. By conducting a dam breach analysis, you can identify risks, develop emergency action plans, and implement measures to minimize the loss of life and property damage in the event of a breach. Compliance with TCEQ’s Dam Safety Guidelines is not only mandatory but also essential for the safety of those downstream and the protection of your investment. 

An Image from Cardinal Strategies of a dam breach water flooding.
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Eliminate Risk and Minimize Damage

Our engineers know the importance of a dam breach analysis and its goal to help identify at-risk populations, critical infrastructure, and areas prone to inundation. The insights gained from this analysis are essential for developing effective emergency action plans, implementing safety measures, and minimizing potential damage in the event of a breach. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late – prioritize a dam breach analysis to protect lives and property downstream. Accompanied by our expertise in detention sizing, our team is also experienced with this type of critical evaluation.

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