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Urban Channel Bank Stabilization

The Problem

Do You Have a Destabilized Channel Bank?

Do nearby trees have exposed roots and are falling into your stream? Is the bank of your stream, pond, creek, river, or other slope failing causing erosion? Cardinal specializes in urban channel bank stabilization and is ready to help. This problem happens when low-flow channels quickly rise because of heavy rainfall. Over time, this dramatic increase in water flow weakens the channel bank. 

An Cardinal Strategies aerial Shot of the Epic Town project
A Cardinal Strategies Epic West Project after construction


Structural and Non-structural Solutions

We work to identify the reason for erosion or failure and use a cutting-edge biotechnical remediation approach using a mix of man-made products (i.e. plate piling, turf reinforcement, retaining wall systems, etc.) and native plants to create a long-lasting, stable, and more natural solution. These methods include both structural and non-structural solutions and the use of native plants to stabilize eroded banks. At Cardinal, we advocate for the “greenest” solutions possible to promote sustainability and a natural look.

Other Services

Urban Channel Bank Stabilization issues? We can help.