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Drainage and Erosion Services

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Over 50 Years of Experience

Cardinal Strategies designs and installs custom solutions to create the ideal system for water drainage. Our experienced team has the experience, skill, and innovative thinking to address critical drainage and erosion issues with our broad range of drainage and erosion services.

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Drainage and Erosion Services

Three Cardinal Strategies workers on construction site visit, two of them are shaking hands

Site Visit and Investigation

Landscape photo of water with greenage and dirt surrounding Texas.

Stream Channel Restoration Bioremediation

A muddy backyard with puddles after spring rain

Foundation Drainage Systems

A construction wall with exposed nails protruding.

Retaining Wall Construction Repair

Spillway with running water

Spillway Dam Remediation

A marsh and river grass in the swamps of Louisiana

Wet Drainage Area Standing Water

Crawl Space with fans

Crawl Space Moisture Remediation

Sinkhole with caution tape

Sinkhole Remediation

Aerial view of Epic West project

Urban Channel Bank Stabilization

An image of side of pool with blue water and step

Swimming Pool Stabilization

Drainage of a water leak on a basement floor.

Basement Sealing Waterproofing Drainage

pooled water and erosion on ground

Other Complex Erosion and Drainage Repairs

Drainage or erosion issues? We can help.