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Set Apart from the Competition: Cardinal’s Design-Build Capabilities

Cardinal Strategies Differentiates Itself

Cardinal’s construction, environmental, and civil engineering divisions stand out in their industries through a diverse range of services, commitment to quality and sustainability, and specialized expertise. With their Construction Division’s drainage and erosion construction expertise in specialized areas, they provide a competitive edge over general construction companies. Alongside Cardinal Strategies’ expert Engineering Division, Cardinal distinguishes itself through its design-build capabilities and specialized skills and technical expertise, coupled with the ability to navigate complex approval processes.

Design-Build Capabilities

Cardinal Strategies’ distinct design-build capability, housed within its civil engineering and construction divisions, offers a significant advantage to clients and sets the company apart in the market.

  • Seamless Collaboration: The engineering and construction teams at Cardinal Strategies work side-by-side, resulting in seamless collaboration throughout the project lifecycle. This integrated approach minimizes miscommunication, streamlines operations, and ensures that the design vision is accurately translated into the built structure.
  • Informed Design: The construction division’s knowledge and experience with drainage and erosion control strategies are directly incorporated into the design phase. As a result, the engineering division can create designs that are not only functional but also resilient against environmental challenges. This level of integration is often lacking when design and construction are handled by separate entities.
  • Proactive Planning: The early involvement of construction expertise in the design stage allows for proactive planning. For this reason, potential issues related to drainage and erosion can be identified and addressed in the design itself, reducing the likelihood of costly and time-consuming adjustments during the construction stage.
  • Optimized Solutions: Cardinal Strategies’ construction division’s proficiency in dealing with drainage and erosion control contributes to more optimized, effective, and sustainable solutions. In other words, this means designs that are environmentally friendly, compliant with regulations, and better suited to withstand water-related challenges.
  • Enhanced Value: By incorporating the construction division’s insights into the design phase, the engineering division can deliver designs that offer enhanced value. Therefore, this also includes increased longevity, and improved safety and stability.

In the competitive landscape, having both engineering and construction capabilities, coupled with specialization in drainage and erosion control, under the same roof is a rarity. This symbiosis between Cardinal Strategies’ divisions not only provides a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective solution but also results in superior expertise, quality, and value for municipal, land development, and community managing clients. 

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