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Leveraging Diversity: How Cardinal Strategies' WBE, SBE, and HUB Certifications Empower Your Corporate Diversity Goals


In the corporate landscape, diversity and inclusion are integral to a successful business strategy. Embracing a diverse supplier base is key to innovation, market expansion, and societal reflection. Cardinal Strategies exemplifies this commitment, with their esteemed certifications as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), and their recent recognition as WBE of the Year by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Understanding the Certifications

WBE, SBE, and HUB certifications are more than just titles; they signify a company’s commitment to social and economic diversity. These designations are awarded to businesses that meet stringent standards, reinforcing their role in creating a more inclusive economy.

Why Diversity Certification Matters to Your Business

Engaging with a diverse supplier like Cardinal Strategies transcends fulfilling a moral directive—it’s a strategic business advantage. Collaborating with businesses certified by WBE, SBE, and HUB grants access to unique insights and innovative solutions while enhancing a company’s reputation as a leader in corporate responsibility.

Cardinal Strategies’ Commitment to Excellence and Diversity

Cardinal Strategies’ ethos revolves around utilizing diversity to benefit clients and the community. Their wide range of services addresses clients’ various challenges with precision and dedication.

Construction Division

Cardinal Strategies’ construction division offers critical services like drainage and erosion control, which contribute to the infrastructure’s sustainability and resiliency. Their construction projects not only meet the highest quality standards but also advance environmental sustainability, as evidenced by their successful projects such as structural repairs for lake spillways.

Environmental Division

The environmental division at Cardinal Strategies emphasizes their commitment to the planet through specialized services like Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and compliance investigations, as showcased on their environmental services page. They are the go-to vendor for stormwater compliance, delivering professional and timely services that exceed expectations.

Engineering Division

Cardinal Strategies’ engineering division provides indispensable services such as downstream assessments, Letter of Map Revisions (LOMRs), and comprehensive flood studies, which are crucial for risk management and responsible development. With their competence and quick turnarounds, they are a trusted partner in navigating FEMA-related issues.


As diversity and inclusion become pillars of business success, the role of certified companies like Cardinal Strategies becomes increasingly important. Honored as WBE of the Year by the WBENC, Cardinal Strategies is not just a leader in diversity—they are setting the benchmark. Partnering with Cardinal Strategies means making a meaningful impact on your diversity goals and the community.

Ready to partner with an award-winning Woman-Owned Business Enterprise and propel your diversity strategy? 

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