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Meet Rocky Epps: Landscape Manager

Meet Rocky Epps: Landscape Manager and Visionary

Meet Rocky Epps

At Cardinal Strategies, we’re always on the lookout for talent that embodies our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome James “Rocky” Epps to our team. With over 40 years of experience in the landscape industry, Rocky is a true visionary who is transforming the way we think about commercial and corporate outdoor spaces. Let’s meet Rocky Epps: Landscape Manager for Cardinal Strategies.

Beginning His Journey

Firstly, Rocky’s journey began in 1980, fresh out of high school with a lawnmower and a big dream. Quickly, he grew his business from mowing lawns to installing and constructing breathtaking outdoor spaces that are redefining the DFW landscape. However, Rocky’s impact goes far beyond the beautiful spaces he installs. Moreover, he’s a dedicated industry leader who is shaping the future of landscaping through his active involvement with industry and charitable associations.

At The Heart of Dedication

Safety, sequencing, and sustainability are at the heart of everything Rocky does. Likewise, he believes that by investing in the next generation of landscapers, we’re building a stronger, more sustainable future industry. That’s why he’s so passionate about training programs that equip young adults with the skills they need to succeed.

However, Rocky’s expertise isn’t limited to his technical knowledge. Particularly, his dedication to excellence and his ability to think outside the box make him an asset to our team. Secondly, with his deep understanding of every aspect of the landscape industry, Rocky is poised to take Cardinal Strategies to new heights.

As can be seen, we’re excited to have Rocky on board. Certainly, we can’t wait to see the amazing things he’ll help to accomplish. Stay tuned for updates on the incredible projects Rocky and the Cardinal Strategies team works on in the future.


About Rocky Epps: Landscape Manager

Rocky Epps is a landscape industry veteran with over 40 years of experience. He’s actively involved with the Sub-Contractor Association of the Metroplex, the Texas Construction Association, and the Construction Industry Education Foundation. Conversely, when he’s not transforming outdoor spaces, Rocky can be found spending time with his family, competing in bass fishing tournaments, or giving back to his community through his church. He and his wife Valerie have three kids and are proud to call the DFW area home.

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