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Epic West

Epic West Channel Stabilization and Repair

Project Summary

Epic West is a master planned private development in Grand Prairie, Texas. As part of the development, Kirby Creek was channelized from the upstream limits of the development to Highway 161 at the downstream limits of the development. Once the original channel construction was completed for the development, there was evidence of erosion.

Cardinal developed a remediation plan for the areas that were experiencing erosion and infrastructure was in jeopardy of failing. The solution includes a plunge pool to dissipate energy from the concrete channel upstream and a storm drain structure, completed as part of the development. The plunge pool was constructed out of e-rap concrete bags. The structure is anchored into the banks and we utilized rebar to lock the bags in place to prevent future erosion. Downstream of the plunge pool, an e-rap bag wall and directional weirs were placed to direct water to the center of the channel and away from the bank. Cardinal installed these measures to protect the existing infrastructure where current erosion was occurring. We developed these erosion control measures based on the unique conditions of the creek.

Epic West Ariel Shot
Aerial view of Epic West project

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