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Squabble Creek

Squabble Creek Master Plan

Project Summary

The City of Rockwall completed its current Master Drainage Study for the Squabble Creek watershed in 2006. Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for the study was completed using DOS-based computer programs that have since been superseded by newer more advanced software types. Cardinal was contracted by the City of Rockwall’s Engineering group to perform an update to the 2006 master plan models. The update included the conversion of the previous models into current industry-standard software versions, incorporation of all new developments that have occurred since 2006, incorporation of all significant detention structures in the watershed that were not in the original model, and calibration of both the hydrologic and hydraulic models. The hydrology model was converted from T R-20 to HEC-HMS 4.2.1 and the hydraulic models were converted from HEC-2 to HEC-RAS versions 5.0.3. Cardinal acquired record drawings from all pertinent developments within the watershed to extract any crucial information for use in the model upgrades.

The Outcome

The final deliverable of the first phase of this update provided the City with updated GIS flood plain shapefiles and updated h&h models that they can use to regulate development in the City. Cardinal worked with the City of Rockwall to phase the effort within the overall update in order to accommodate limited yearly budget for engineering projects, specifically when it comes to drainage. Future phases of the project will include the update of a Geographic Information Systems database with all watershed spatial data and the development of a technical report to finalize the update.

A Cardinal Strategies map of Squabble Creek Watersheds in Rockwall, TX
Squabble Creek Watersheds in Rockwall, TX

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