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Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Landscape and Irrigation

Project Summary

Cardinal Strategies’ landscape and irrigation installation group played a pivotal role in the outdoor transformation of Ascension Coffee in Dallas, TX. 

As the contracted solution provider, we handled all aspects of the project, from the initial demolition phase to the final installation of the new landscape and irrigation system. Our team of experts carefully removed existing features, assessed the site conditions, and designed a bespoke irrigation solution that promotes water efficiency and supports the growth of the selected plant species. We then installed vibrant, low-maintenance landscaping that enhances the space’s aesthetic appeal while minimizing long-term maintenance needs. 

Through our comprehensive approach and attention to detail, Cardinal Strategies created an outdoor space for our client that balances functionality, sustainability, and visual appeal, providing an inviting atmosphere for customers and setting a new standard for outdoor spaces in the area.

A flowerbed filled with gravel rocks in front of a building with a tree.
Dry brush landscaping on restaurant patio

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