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Corrigan-Goddard Ranch

Corrigan-Goddard Ranch Spillway and Dam Repair

Project Summary

Cardinal Strategies worked with a private landowner to mitigate an emergency spillway failure. Irrigator Lake was constructed in 2006 in southern Oklahoma on private property. The lake has an approximate water surface area of 82 acres. The lake has two principal outlets, a level control structure, and an emergency spillway. The emergency spillway had failed two times previously and the owner wanted a permanent solution.

Cardinal designed and constructed the permanent solution combining turf reinforcement matting along the center of the emergency spillway to transmit the higher velocity flow without eroding the grass-lined overbank areas of the spillway, and a plunge pool/drop structure to transmit the floodwater from the emergency overflow spillway to the downstream receiving stream. The drop structure installed is 22’ feet in height. The block utilized to construct the drop structure was Magna Stone. Drain lines were also installed behind the drop structure to transmit any free water that was migrating from the lake to the drop structure.

Construction of the repair took approximately 5 months to complete.

Corrigan-Goddard-Ranch_before image of large hole in the ground
Finished drop structure

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